Reflecting on Professional Experience

Professional Experience is all finished. What an experience it was.

I found the Prep class I was with very challenging with behaviour. They were always wriggling, lost attention very quickly and could not keep their hands to themselves.

However, I was able to overcome this challenge with the incorporation of ICTs.
The class didn’t have very many opportunities to use ICTs as the teacher was not very confident with using them in her lessons.

I was able to provide abundant opportunities for the students to experience ICTs in their learning.

We did a lot of whole class learning, where I incorporated the interactive whiteboard, particularly with the use of interactive games and activities, YouTube videos and power points, which were aligned with the lesson context.
The students enjoyed this and were always engaged with the learning.

I incorporated computers in small group rotations for both Maths and English.

We also used digital cameras for Science and Maths.

I also found using a sticker chart for behaviour management worked very well.
Students had to get 10 stickers on their chart to be able to have a pick out of the treasure box.
Wow, didn’t this motivate the students to work well and display good behaviour. The students tried very hard to get those 10 stickers and by the end of the 3 weeks, all students in the class were able to pick out of the treasure box. 

I truly enjoyed this Professional Experience and have grown extremely from it.

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