This Week’s Activities

During this week, we have continued to prepare for our Professional Experience and Assignment 3. Our Professional Experience allocations were provided this week, which has provided some relief about beginning this Professional Experience and I now know where I will be going. The Professional Experience for EDC3100, requires us to authentically integrate ICT’s into the student learning experiences, to support and enhance their learning.

Now that I know where I am going for Professional Experience, I need to organise a time to meet with the site coordinator and the mentor, to discuss the context and expectations. I then need to prepare everything, so I am ready for Day 1 of my Professional Experience.

I also need to get underway with assignment 3, particularly the aspects that can be completed before going on Professional Experience.

I cannot wait to begin my Professional Experience, there is nothing I love and enjoy more, than getting into the classroom and working with the students.

I am really looking forward to this Professional Experience, and all the new knowledge I will gain from it.


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